Aura Soma is a modern holistic therapy that is a synthesis of crystals, minerals, plant energy and colour therapy. It is designed to help you to develop the best version of yourself.
Aura Soma is known as soul healing. It helps us to harmonize our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.


  • 119 two- coloured bottles consisting of oil and water.
  • Each bottle contains extracts of plants, crystals, minerals and colours.
  • Emulsion is produced by shaking the bottle and you apply it directly onto your skin.


  • Consists of coloured and fragrant energy substances.
  • Primary function is to strengthen and harmonize your aura.
  • The POMANDER is applied to the aura.
  • Provides excellent protection against negative energy.


  • Every colour beam transmits information principles and qualities by its frequency. It is helpful to use Quintessences before meditating on aspects that we wish to develop within ourselves.

What you can expect:

 • Arrive and enjoy a cup of organic tea
• Aura Soma allows you to attain a more conscious and authentic life by supporting your journey towards self-knowledge and self- improvement.

60 minutes consultation incl. a bottle of Equilibrium ($60)
$ 149.00 + HST