In the 70th Gail and Paul Dennison in California developed the Brain Gym method for pupils.
It was designed to help kids to learn more efficiently and to enhance memorising.
Brain Gym uses very simple movements everyone can do in order to activate the brain. Nerve cells start to spread out and build new communication ways and hormone production is supported. It increases the connectness of the two sides of your brain. 
Therefore, it helps to prevent or improve cerebral diseases like dementia, M. Parkinson or MS. It can be helpful by restoring the brain after strokes or cerebral bleedings. 

Very soon it was proven that

• Brain Gym makes you smarter and sharper
• it can boost your confidence levels
• increases creativity
• revitalizes your natural healing mechanisms
• it is able to restore mental health
• helps to improve eyesight
• increases  communication skills
• helps to reestablish balance

We offer the classes  or individual sessions on demand.

A four-week ticket will be $65.00 + HST and a five-week ticket is  $80.00 + HST

                                                                                              Individual sessions $95 + HST