Light Sensation

Healing with visible frequencies of light and colours was common in almost every ancient healing system.
Neuroscience is able to verify that the impact of different colours on your body evokes different biochemical reactions.
These reactions even occur when our eyes are closed and we are not exposed to visible frequencies.

Holistic Health Lunenburg proudly presents our LIGHT – QUARTZ – COLUMN that illuminates in different colours.
The colours are individually determined to support your body.
This treatment provides your body with deep relaxation and helps to calibrate your well being.

You may also bring a favourite song that will be translated into colour so that you not only hear the sound but also see it.

Just imagine this experience!

What you can expect:

After arriving and having a cup of organic tea, you can relax on a couch gazing in the colourful light.
First, the most important colours for your individual body are chosen. Then they are presented to you.
Enjoying the bright and intense colours, your immune system is able to regenerate and balance itself.

30 minutes consultation $45.00 + HST