The application of different laser lights by wearing a “laser watch” is non-invasive, safe and leveled as a non-risk device. There is scientifically research done showing promising effects. It can have beneficial effects on the 

–       Blood: can enhance cell activity, microcirculation and lower sugar levels (HbA1c) as well as cholesterol and liver values (ALT levels)

–       Immune system: can activate macrophages and lymphocytes

–       Can Stimulate immune responds via IgG, IgM and IgA as well as interferons, interleukins and TNF-alpha

–       Can Reduce pain and lowers muscle tension

–       Strong anti-depressive effect (enhanced serotonin and vitamin D production)

–       Inner balance: can significantly increase melatonin levels 

–       Energy: can increase production of ATP in mitochondria 

Therefore it can lead to better sleep quality, a stronger immune responds, a performance increase, better focus, vitalization, mood, increased cell regeneration and regulation. 

Cardiovascular (heart/ blood vessels) and metabolic (sugar levels, cerebral hormone levels) improvements can be seen. Chronic inflammatory processes like Lyme and others can be addressed. 


Transcranial Low- Level-Laser-Therapy is the application of highly developed photobiomodulation. It is non – invasive and painless. The method is scientifically proven, FDA – cleared and leveled as a non – significant risk device. 

The beneficial effects on the brain can be:

–       Stimulation of the mitochondrial respiratory chain which results in a higher ATP (Energy) production

–       A release of NO by photodissociation vasodilatory effects which improve the lymphatic flow and blood circulation

–       An increase in oxygen species which results in a stimulation of cytoprotective, anti-oxidant and anti-apoptotic effects in the cell

–       An overall improvement in oxygen availability and oxygen consumption

This can lead to less inflammation, a better regeneration of neurons, an increased building of neurons (neuroplasticity) and an increase of wiring of neurons. 

Therefore chronic inflammatory processes like Lyme, co-infections, brain fog, any kind of neurological lesion or degenerative process like dementia or Parkinson can be slowed down. It can have  a mending effect on the brain after traumatic brain injury. There is data that suggest an antidepressant effect due to enhancement of the frontal cortex oxygen consumption.

This can result in a better ability to focus and  to hold attention spans. Cognitive performance can be enhanced. Mood can be uplifted. 

30 min for $47.50 + HST

we recommend four treatments within two weeks for $160 + HST

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