Yoga classes are unhurried, focused classes, which unite breath with movement, and body with mind.

A Hatha Yoga practice moves mindfully, building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving balance

Our spines are responsible for keeping our bodies upright, mobile and walking on two legs. Our vertebrae act as coiled springs to absorb the impact and shock of walking, running, jumping, etcYoga works the spine in unique ways to enhance body awareness to improve your overall body posture. 
In this class we will explore not only the different yoga poses but more specifically the spine in the poses. How this is affecting our overall posture, as well as ways to enhance the health of your spine. 
This class will be less of a flow class and more of a posture workout. Exploring the spine and the supporting muscles that will improve our health, keeping us young and mobile.


Yoga & posture workout classes

Our Yoga classes and posture workout classes are offered on Thursday and Sunday.

Enjoy Yoga and posture workouts in our Sanctuary room with well experienced Yoga teachers.

Small classes keep the quality high and the room with the incredible view to the Lunenburg bay makes every lesson to a heart enlighten event.

We offer the classes four or five times a month.

Four times will be $65.00 incl. HST
Five times will be $80.00 incl. HST